Bodice Update 2

I finally did it. I cut into the sari.
I’ll back up. Tonight was dedicated to working on both my Netherfield Ball bodice and my green dress bodice.
First up, the green dress, which needs a name. This was a fairly easy cut & assemble process. As I dove right in, I forgot I wanted to line up the back on the wider stripe. Oh, well. Rather than do the jewel neckline, then regret not doing the gathered V neck I love so much and find more comfortable when I have one of my over heating or forgot to eat right spell, I went with the gathered V. I can alway change it out after. I have yet to decide gathering placement. Each has its adventages.


Next came cutting the NB bodice from the sari. I’ve had a particular section of the sari in mind for the bodice from the start. The pieces barely fit.


This is one project where every bit of scrap will be saved just incase. I was particularly happy with how the white read through the silk. The color firmly became a lovely peach rather than ‘I might be orange’. I hope you can see the difference here.


I was hoping to get Dan’s book started as well. But, I ended up proofing my little sister’s research paper. Nicely done. I look forward to hearing what her teacher thinks of a particular phrase.
Next up – Hand finishing the green bodice and deciding on sleeves. Also, getting Dan to stand still for draping.

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