All Those Odds and Ends

Now that it is May…. there are only 4 weeks of classes left… the Museum opens this weekend…. Dan has an event next weekend… and I will dress next weekend…. I am having one of those “eegads!” moments. Okay, a series of them. 

Odds and ends of items keep popping into my head. These are pieces I forgot needed to get made, hadn’t thought of or just have been lingering. Some really are not small pieces either.

So, here it is. My long delayed list of items that should have been made months ago, in completely random order:

  • Dan’s book. (I told him I would make him the book he had been wanting for our anniversary.)
  • A general volunteering dress of a tbd date and style. (I would love an excuse to make up the sprigged muslin or welcome a kick in the bottom to get to work on the travel dress. This would be nice for my red/brown fabric)
  • Lily needs a real bag as the one I made her years back just isn’t up to par any more. I am picturing a nice frameless carpet bag.
  • I need a carpet, carpet bag. I love my fabric carpet bags. But, after making the museum’s bags, I really feel like I aught to have an awesome carpet bag.
  • Dan needs better carry-all type bags or box or something. He has his pair of duffle bags and carpet bags that are just way too out of proportion. (long and short. difficult to hold anything.) (What I really should do is pull the frames out of those bags. Remake that fabric into a more suitable, frameless version. Then use the frames for bags more proportionate.)
  • That long, long list of travel  items.
  • The Jenny Lind style fan. This will require finding the damaged fan base I intended to use for this.
  • Lily’s stays
  • Fix my cage. This means reattach the tapes to the bones and strengthen all the other joinings. This poor cage has taken a beating during limb0-living.
  • Alter one cage for Lily.

     Just to make things interesting, here is this month’s “If I could make a dress per decade” list. (I am defaulting to the MET’s dating today.):

  • 1800-10 – I want this fabric to do this dress.
  • 1810-20 – I want to squish together this dress and this dress.
  • 1820-30 – I love this bodice along with the soft smoothness. (I also really like this one from completely different reasons. Light, air & adorable. Then there is this one for the early part of the decade.)
  • 1830-40 – This dress in just this fabric. But, it would have to be for someone lean like my sister.
  • 1840-50 – The lines curving through the bodice and the pleated trim set into the piped edge look like so much fun to make, while the dress looks so comfortable to weare
  • 1850-60 – Not my normal pick for this decade. Someone showed me this dress the other day. Can anything look so comfy? This is a print I would expect to see on a quilt weight fabric, but I would love to find it in a shirting or lawn.
  • 1860-70
  • 1870-1880 – Maybe
  • 1880-90
  • 1890-1899  
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