New Dress/Sewing Plan

Miscommunication becomes a new dress plan. It turns out I thought we were planning one event for an upcoming weekend, while Dan had plans for another weekend. Upon this realization last night, my brain became quite muddled with thoughts of availability reshuffling. This meant I am now available to volunteer for a particular fun day, if I am needed. Yeah. Then came the thought – Eeek, dress?

I’ve been so focused on the Netherfield Ball clothes, and honestly having little freak-out session over not knowing the detailed ins and outs, that I haven’t put a single thought to a mid-century dress that actually fits. Not one moment of thought.

Oh, did I mention it is May already?

So, this week there will be a new dress.

I will be using the semi-sheer green plaid on the left. (Yes, this is one of the fabrics I was thinking about dyeing. Too late for that.)

I have two different dress thoughts – Simple, basic, versatile is one idea. The other is a 50s to 60s comparison. Since I have the same fabric in another colorway, a peachy/pinkish color, I like the idea of doing one as 50s and one as 60s, this being the 60s.

But, time is a factor here. Did I mention it is already May and I still haven’t mocked up Dan’s Netherfield Ball clothes?

The plan and the options….

Skirt – Sticking to a plain skirt. I can always add trims later.

Neckline – Basic pearl neckline. While I prefer a V neckline on my sheers, I can/should do a nice V neck on the 50s dress.

Sleeves – Open or closed??? I would like to do an open sleeve with tiers in the skirt for the 50s dress, assuming I have enough fabric. Does that encourage or discourage me from doing an open sleeve for this dress? Hmm?  I do rather like the idea of an open sleeve. (I used to find them such a bother to wear.) This one looks like it would be very comfortable in the heat. It may also be nice to mimic the sleeve I have on the original brown dress. If I did a coat sleeve or a bishop sleeve, I would be tempted to do something with the top of the sleeve. Do I really want additional fabric at the top? I don’t think I do. (Though, I can always change that.)

 Bodice – Basic, gathered bodice with half high lining.

Sounds like a plan. My hope is to cut out and fit both my Regency dress mock-up and the mock-up for this Monday night. I know I can work through this dress fairly quickly. It will be good to do a dress I am confident about doing before confusing myself more (again) on the Regency clothing.

Of course, after all this thinking, I had to remember this dress. How lovely it would be to have a cross-over sheer. Oh, the comfort.

PS – I loved the fabric on the right when I bought it. Since then… I’m not sure. Thoughts?

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  1. I have the same green sheer! I love it to pieces. I can imagine you got it for the same ridiculous deal that I did?

  2. Of the two that match in terms of print, one was a deal and the other was a regular price. I can’t remember which was which. But, you are likely right. Love that source for fabric.

  3. Oh, and personally, I love the fabric on the right. Cinnamon pinks are my favorite thing and that would look great as a wrapper!

  4. I think the pink fabric is absolutely lovely. And so is the green plaid. 🙂

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