“The Musical Wife” – What do You See?

I had picked this sterioview up last summer with the thought it would find its way into my new shawl book. Since then, I’ve found a far, far better image, bumbing this from the publication list. This means I can share it here and we can play a game of “what do you see”

Take a look at the image and comment below on what you see.

Copy of SAVE0044


Of course, I see the shawl draped on the arm of the chair to our left. This looks to have a wide border, possibly on opposite ends.

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  1. I see a tiny little room. How on earth did she manuver that skirt without tipping the table over? 😀 Even if this is a staged shot I bet they set her down first then placed the rest of the furniture around her.

  2. Great observation Robin!

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