Project List

I wanted to have this list of projects with a survey of fabric done in the beginning of January. A month or so past due… Here it is.

You will notice some gaps in the fabric photos. These are fabrics I know I have but haven’t been able to take photos of yet. I should really do something similar to this for the smaller pieces of fabric, those used for hoods, bonnets, husband shirts, fichus, Mae dresses, etc, so I can pin down those projects as well. So many ideas floating in my mind.

This is a PDF to flip through: Project Index

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  1. I know where you got that gray plaid linen! I got some too early last year. I made 2 men’s shirts and a pinner (sold them all!) and had enough left to make myself a neckerchief. Great stuff with a wonderful feel.

  2. I am really looking forward to working with that linen.

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