Some 19th Century Reading for the Season

Here is a mid-nineteenth century book that takes a look at Christmas, New Years and Twelfth Night. The Book of Christmas: Descriptive of the Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Superstitions, Fun, Feeling, and Festivities of the Christmas Season, by Thomas Kibble Hervey (1845)

This short book is filled with history and traditions from the 19th century perspective. The Christmas book: Christmas in the olden time, its customs and their origin : the holly and ivy, sports of the eve, Yule log, boar’s head, the dinner, mummers, Lord of Misrule, Saturnalia, carols, mysteries and plays, boxes, &c. &c, by Pattie & Glaiser (London,1859)  

Another – Christmas in the Olden Time, or The Wassail Bowl,  by John Mills (1846)

Looking for some poetic phrasing for the character growing up in the 1830s? Christmas, a Poem,  by Edward Moxon.

A short to moderate pieces of fiction – Christmas at Under-Tor: An American Christmas Story,  by Clarence Gordon;   Christmas Hours, by Ticknor & Fields (1858)

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  1. Great list! I would like to add one more,The Golden Christmas: A Tale of Lowcountry Life (South Carolina) originally published in 1852. One thing I enjoyed was an extravagant description of one of the meals! Modern version available on Amazon.

    Enjoy! Sherry Key.

  2. Thank you for the addition Sherry!

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