Chairs, Seats and Cushions, pt 3

This one should say Chairs and Sofas….

Another aspect of the chair seats I feel we need to look at is cushions. Take a look at what is said in The Workwoman’s Guide about cushions. (I’ll admit, I hadn’t thought about cushions to take to church.) Cushions and coverings not only made the chairs and sofas more comfortable, but protected them as well.

When chairs and sofas are fitted up with damask, merino, stuff, horse hair, or other material that does not wash, they are generally covered with Holland, chintz, or glazed calico, and protects them from dust and dirt, and are easily removed, when required for company. Holland covers are the most durable, but look cold; chintz to fit the chair or sofa, with or without piping at the edge, and with loops fastened down by passing one of the strings through the three loops, and making it tie. Ottomans generally have the covers to fit along beneath the edging of wood, in which case, they must be pinned to the stuffing with very strong pins, which from their length are called sofa pins.

Arm Chairs

It is a good plan to make a kind of case of Holland to fit half way down the cushion, A B C D, which protects the cover from being soiled by the head, on leaning back. Each arm chair should have two or three of these cases for wash and wear.

Church Basses

Flat circular ones are often in use. Sometimes straw ones are covered with green or crimson cloth, and look very neat. Basses may be filled with mill-puff, straw, chaff, bran, or bits of cloth, &c. Some persons prefer a simple cushion or flat pillow to kneel upon, in which case, they may be filled with feathers.

Church Seats

Church pews are generally lined with cloth, and fastened by brass nails andn binding laid on. The cushions, are oblong, and made like a very soft mattress.

They have pieces of cloth, bound round and sewed to them in front, to give an air of comfort and neatness  to the seat. The ground or floor is generally covered with a drugget of the same coulour as the lining of the seat.

This color plate from Peterson’s shows two colorful sofa cushions.

This patriotic cushion comes from an 1850 Godey’s rather than one during the CW.

This is a crochet cushion from Petersons in 1862.

 1857 was a popular year for chair and sofa cushions in Godeys with these three included:

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