Chairs, Seats and Cushions, pt 2

Based on the number of color plates found in Peterson’s and Godey’s in the 1850s and 1860s, I would like to assume there was some level of popularity in making chair seats. This chair seat shows the curved edge shape generally seen with some variation in the publications. Worked in needlepoint, it has a floral pattern that covers nearly the entire seat.

While the previous seat is symmetrical, this chair back is asymmetrical in its floral design.  

This seat, done in braid, is from Peterson’s 1857. You can see the notches at the top where the seat will fit into the wooden construction of the chair. I would like to find extant examples of a braided seat to see how well they did or did not wear.

When I saw this faded, horribly scanned seat design, I just had to share it. I pieced it back together from Google Books’ edition of Peterson’s. The symmetrical geometric design has a sorta southwest feel to me. Now, I highly doubt that is how those originally reading the magazine, looking at this illustration would have seen this though.  

 This chair cover also has the distint shape of the chair’s seat.

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  1. Would you like a scan of the faded chair seat? I have the Petersons that it appears in and it’s in full unfaded color. I love it! There are several other chair seats in it too.

  2. Yes, please. That would be wonderful. Thank you.

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