Christmas is Coming.

I stumbled across this book Jennie Juneiana: Talks on Women’s Topics by Jennie June (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1864) while looking up something else. I hope you enjoy a selection of transcriptions over the next few weeks….

Christmas is Coming.

“At Christmas play, and make good cheer,

For Christmas comes but once a year.”

Christmas is coming! Good news for the children, who know that with it comes the jolly, merry Santa Claus, his panniers piled high with toys and confectionery, skates and sleds; who topples down the chimney in such an extraordinary way, and mysteriously fills little socks and the larger stockings with just what the busy little owners most wished to see! Yes, Christmas is coming, that pleasant time when the good christkindlein plants lovely trees in the dwellings of his favorites, brilliantly illuminates them with myriads of lights, and then hangs from each branch and twig all that is prettiest and rarest for those who have pleased him, by showing kindness and love to each other during the year that is past. An emblem of the Providence which always rewards the good, and punishes the bad, it the beautiful Christmas tree, and an object of sacred mystery to the crowd of delighted little ones, who look, at first awe-struck at the shining wonder, which seems to have dropped right down from the stars.

Christmas is coming! not only in America, but all along the shores of Old and still “Merrie England.” At this moment thousands of mothers, and thousands of little ones, are anticipating with eagerness the approach of the grand national plum-pudding day; and even dignified fathers of families will not object to carry home, after nightfall, the boxes of raisins, and pounds of suet, which are necessary to the composition of the celebrated dish, for which even the most super-human mortals have a tender weakness.

            Christmas is coming! Pile up the wood, bring out your nuts, and cider, and apples, and prepare to enjoy the genial influences of the season; but do not forget the poor.  You will not miss a piece of beef, or pork, a pair of chickens, a basket of wood, a cabbage, and perhaps a little meal of flour. Tell your wife what you are doing before it is quite packed up; and trust a woman, but she will find “something good” – a pie, some cookies for the children, and perhaps a blanket of comforter to throw over all, and which she will tell you (bless her womanly heart!) that you “needn’t bring back.” Try it once, if you never did before, and you will experience a keener sense of enjoyment in your own comforts that a mean and selfish absorption could ever dream or think of. 

Thank the Lofd, reverently, that Christmas is coming, – the time when Christ was born, who brought peace on earth, and good will to men. Pray that he may be born again in every human heart, and that the old anthems may be again sung which echoed over the hills of Judea when the Saviour saw the light on the first Christmas morning in the manger at Bethleham.

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