August’s To-Do List

I find I am a bit more productive and less likely to wander off on tangents when I may my to-do list public. Last month went pretty well. Lets see for this month:

Green updates from Friday with one week until first August event; Blue updates from Tuesday before the event. Post Arcade additions.


  • Little sister’s underpinnings – she needs petticoats and chemises– One petti done, borrowing chemises & cage, hoping to alter a second petti. Still need to get to that second petti to alter.
  • Little sister’s brown dress – plaid brown with red cotton shirting – gauged skirt, with a V neckline, gathered bodice and short sleeves – Mostly done, just needs closure and collar, maybe undersleeves for short sleeves. Done and redone, with collar
  • My 1830s travel dress – brown semi-sheer cotton which wants to be a wool – cross-over V neck, dropped late 30s sleeves – Cut, skirt together. Part of one side of the back top-stitched on & buried in a box.
  • Patriotic accessories for upcoming event
  •                    2 aprons
  •                    2 Cockades?
  •                     2 red belts – One done and one rosette. Two red belts with rosette done.
  •                    On train projects – possibly a handkerchief and/or patriotic shield needle-book. Several NBs planned materials lacking
  • Tweak one of my bonnet’s flowers
  • At least one rolled sewing and/or structure case for Etsy
  • At least one little purse for Etsy
  • At least one needle-book – Two made (shell and bellows) Five more made (3 shells, 1 shield, 1 bell)
  • Special project with 4 to 5 components – Measured and layed out
  • Take apart and redo straw bonnet that smooshed
  • Draft a new drawers pattern for hubby
  • Repair slippers
  • Replace buttons on hubby’s pants and both of my paletots (one just lost one, one needs all new)
  • Repair sleeve
  • Repair trim pulled of black paletot by train
  • Darn stockings
  • Make a pair of slippers for someones sore feet
  • Add to dress wish list – sacque/petti combo in tbd fabric (possibly in a real travel fabric)


  • Talk points for travel project – Sorta
  • Finish “Why this is Good” & put on blog – in progress
  • “moving into fall” blog post – all in my mind
  • “Keep it Simple, Keep it in Budget”

Locate or re-locate

  • Drawers that will fit little sister – skipped
  • Extra bedding from storage – skipped
  • The barn-board box – found
  • Rugs x2 – found
  • Drinking pottery – no luck
  • where is my food box? Where is my toiletries box?
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