Storing Shawls

Another post I started a while back but didn’t finish to post…

A recent conversation led to thinking I should put together a post about storing shawls. Ideally, I could show you photographic examples of what can result from different conditions. Until I can give you those photos, we will stick with a list – Folding can cause creases and breakages. Moist conditions can lead to mold, mildew and rot. Dry conditions can lead to fiber brittleness. Bugs can cause holes. Contact with wood or acidic surfaces or being stored in non-acid free containers can lead to discoloration. Pretty awful right?

Guidelines for the Care of Textiles from the Textile Museum in Washington DC

How do I store antique textiles at home? From the Smithsonian

Preserving Your Treasures-Care and Storage Methods for Clothing and Textiles by the Missouri Historical Society



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