Barbara’s Sewing Case

For months now Barbara has been asking me to make her a sewing case all her own. After months of saying ‘no’, I finally broke down and said yes. Now, Barbara is the one and only owner of a custom sewing case based on an original mid-century sewing case.

Barbara’s case has a dark brown leather exterior bound with red silk, satin ribbon.  Inside it is lined with a red and off white large scale plaid. The case is a red, yellow and green plaid. The scissors case, also of dark brown leather, was shaped to fit her scissors, tying closed with a cream silk taffeta ribbon. The pages alternate red and off white, each with a blanket stitch. She also has a bell shaped needle-book of silk with pinked wool pages inside.


The interior case opens to show a pincushion of off-white wool and space for sewing notions. 

How do you get this case?

You don’t. It is Barbara’s. She has the only one. I may be talked into doing a similar one. But, as Barbara will attest, it takes a bit of coaxing.

I will have other cases available though including a lovely striped silk rolled case I have been working on. (Stay tuned for photos.)

You can also make your own case following the directions in Fanciful Utility: Victorian Sewing Cases which should be ready for taking pre-publication orders in early August, shipping in early September.

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  1. I am deeply honored that you did this for me, Anna!!!! I means the world to me. I’ve admired you so much for so long, to hold your work in my hand is like acquiring a precious jewel. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely, as always, Anna!

  3. You are so very welcome. I enjoyed making your case for you. I hope you get great use out of it.

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