Bass Pro Shop

You are probably wondering what this vegetarian, non-hunter was doing in a Bass Pro Shop. We needed to replace our shredding tarp during our cross-country move. Even with that answer, I’m sure you are wondering why I’m writing about a sportsman store on a living history blog.

Simply – If you haven’t been to a Bass Pro Shop, you need to go.

Bass Pro Shops are an excellent example of an extraordinary customer experience. From the moment you approach the store with its undeniable presence the stage is set from more than just the purchase. Their signage at the entrance is more like what you would see at a theme park than a store. As you cross the parking lot and drive you are guided by fish stamps for the cross walk and various animal prints to the door. Through the door the space opens to a full view of the multi-story water fall and mountain-side feature. The similarity to a park is continued with the turn-stile about 20-25 feet inside the door. This space is important because it emphasizes the vastness or openness of the stores while providing a great view and a ‘welcome, we’ve been waiting for you’ feel.

At the center of each Bass Pro is a colossal rock wall and water feature that looks exceptionally natural. So far, from what I’ve seen, each store’s monumental earth and water structure is different. They incorporate a waterfall, ponds with large fresh water bass and trout, large and small animal mounts, and details in the wood work of the stairs.

The experience is optimized by the various hands-on opportunities. Traditional galleries are just like those at amusement parks. Digital games include both shooting and fishing using X-box and Wii . They also hold classes.

As you wander the store, you find pleasant looking mounts of just about every animal you could imagine. The walls are covered with photos from around the world. There are seating areas with comfortable chairs, tables and lighting simultaneously embracing their brand and conveying that ‘at home’ feel. Take a look at this photo of the chairs with the real tree or mossy oak pattern set nicely with the original trunk as a table. This comfortable area is something many men would love to have in a cabin. It invites visitors to sit while shopping. Incidentally, this seating area is in the midst of the toy area.

There is a children’s tree, on the other hand, in the ladies’ clothing area. This tree, while a play area doesn’t come across as but a natural feature blending in. (sorry I lost that photo)

Their attention is right down to the details. I love this trash can, which has a rustic, earthy feel yet is clearly marked and clean.

 Their bathrooms are immaculately clean while continuing the branding/theme onto the walls and fixtures.

The Bass Pro we stopped at had a restaurant inside the store as well. The front sign included a sign for the Grill. But, what I really liked was the eye appealing menu on the wall of the elevator. This placement is great. It is one spot where visitors are going to stand in one place. The menu tempts people’s appetites, reminds them they can eat in-house and invites them to stay longer. I should also point out, I like being able to look at a menu before going into a new restaurant. If it hadn’t been for our wind induced scheduling problem, being able to look at this menu would have allowed us the opportunity to decide to eat there.

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  1. I’ll hazard a guess, too, that the menu was compatible with the other branding items… one thing that tickles me about historic sites is when they bring that harmony right down to the lunch menu, with historic food options instead of typical offerings.

  2. Sorry this took me so long to approve. We finally have internet access figured out.
    I agree. Having a menu reflecting the site is an excellent way of continueing the brand and customer experience. A thematic menu doesn’t mean there can’t be something for everyone though.

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