Since my previous post about wanting a new bag, I’ve decided it would be silly to make what I already have. It is much more fun to make something new.

This first bag is inspired by two bags at the MET. Bag 1 and Bag 2. The originals appear to have the leather center bound. Then the silk whipped to the binding. I opted to work off of a base lining because I think that would make a stronger bag. First I made two muslin circles with one side chopped off. These were sewn together with the straight side turned down to the outside. On the outside I traced the shape of the center piece on both sides. Next I gathered strips of the dark chocolate taffetta I already had cut. Since these were already cut 2.5″ wide, I sewed two together to make them wider. They needed to be wide enough to to cover easily the widest part. (In hindsight, it may have been easier to sew the silk strips together at the end.) I gathered the outer edge of the silk.

If I was going to whip the silk to the binding, I would have turned then end over and gauged like I would a skirt. The gathered silk was basted to the lining along the traced line. I turn the ends to cover the edge of the muslin on each side. (I thought about either using a draw string or elastic to hold the ends closed. I have not done that yet, waiting to see how it works with the open pieces.) I bound the edge of the leather with bias strips of the silk. Since I couldn’t find my needle for the leather, I used the maching. I don’ t like how that looks right now. I may cover that seam with beads. The bound leather was then stitched down over the gathered silk. I ran the needle through just the edge of the silk binding. The straps are on grain cut strips of silk over strips of muslin, folded in so each strap is 4 layers each of cotton and silk. These are whip stitched. The button is a cloth button with the silk gathered over muslin scraps. The button loop is a narrow flat strip of folded over silk. Rolling it would have been better.


The next bag I am looking at making is similar to this 1870s bag found in the NYPL digital archives.

The illustration calls for embroidered enameled cloth, but I have this beautiful piece of blue leather Dan picked up.

The math for the piece will make a bag 12″ wide, 10″ tall and 5″ deep. I think this should make a decent size bag for carrying items through the day when we don’t have a home-base as we are accustom. I haven’t completely decided on the straps. These small straps are nice for the bag above which will carry light stuff. But, I am not sure for a bag that might carry heavier stuff. I’m worried a shoulder strap will look to much like a modern day purse. I want this to be more like a travel bag. So, maybe wider straps.

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