Additional resources for “Connecting With Your Audience”

Additional Resources for the Citizen’s Companion article “Connecting With Your Audience”

Exhibit and Program Development:

Designing Exhibits for Kids: What Are We Thinking? by Gail Ringel, Vice President, Exhibits and Production, Boston Children’s Museum

Visitor Understandings About Research, Collections, and Behind-the-Scenes at The Field Museum by Eric D. Gyllenhaal, The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois, and Deborah Perry and Emily Forland, Selinda Research Associates, Chicago, Illinois. This includes a discussion of Heirarchy of knowledge for children.

Teaching With Historic Places – The National Park Service. Check out Teaching Teachers the Power of Place resources, “It’s History, Just for Kids”, “Visualizing History”
Conference Proceedings: Interactive Learning in Museums of Art
Education In Museums: What Should Happen Next?
A list of reports on Learning and Interpretation from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Of particular interest: 2002 Arts and Crafts Demonstrations, 2004 Every Object Tells a Story Half Term Events, and 2005-6 Image & Identity – Identifying with Objects.
Helping Your Child Learn Historywith activities for children aged 4 through 11 by Elaine Wrisley Reed

Child Development and Education:  

The Body’s Role in Our Intellectual Education by Anne Chodakowski and Kieran Egan, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Exhibits and Materials:

Forgotten Gateway: Guide for Educators and Communities. Very large pdf file cut in smaller sections. Interesting material.

Learning from Go East!This website includes materials from three presentations by Selinda Research Associates about their research on the Go East! Asian Exhibit Initiative.

Helping Your Child Read History (be sure to open the pdf as well)

There are several chapters in this ebook from Australia’s National Centre for History Education: Making History

Interpretive Resources

Stuff and Nonsense: Myths That Should by Now Be History by Miley Theobald


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