Straw Hats – Looking at Shaping

These images were originally for a discussion on the Sewing Academy. Since I am horribly disorganized at the moment, I am putting the files directly here. If I have included an image of yours you would like me to remove or give credit to, please let me know, I am very happy to do so.

10987654321This angle is nice for showing the difference in the width of the brim comparing the fronts to the sides. The sides also curve down.



hmmm on chair

 Hats at the MET: 1840mid-century, they say 1860s I say late at best, 1859 (one of the coarser hats I’ve seen), 1850-59, different, also different (bias cut ribbons), 1866-68, 1866-68, late 1860s (woven), late 1860s, 1863-65,      

PeteJuly60 from PamPeteJune60 from PamPetersons Aug60Petersons July61 bPetersons July61

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