Straw for Men

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 This will be a growing list. It will also move to the pages section on Straw Millinery.


This image shows the interior of a straw  hat in hand.

Man with straw hat, c 1865

Trio of men c 1863, one with a straw hat on the right, possibly a second

I’m not sure if this is straw. I can sorta see lines suggesting it might be.

From Joseph Reed’s FB

 From Joseph Reed’s FB


MFA hat

Panama hat

I am pretty sure this is straw.


MFA straw hat

MFA straw hat

MFA 1840s straw hat

MFA hat, date tbd

MFA hat

MFA 1840


MFA 1820-40


Undetermined Date

Boy with straw hat in hand

Chris Utley’s straw hats at Southern Union Mills were brought to my attention. From the photos, it appears Chris has a good selection of straw hats for men. The shapes are nice, reflecting those of the mid-century. He uses a quality wheat straw with cotton thread and a pigskin sweatband. He also uses silk ribbon.

Another potential source is History in the Making. Though they have limited photos and examples shown.

There are few here at Optimo Hatworks under HCA that may work.

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