Examples of Shawls

Looking at original examples is a great way to train your eye when choosing a shawl for living history. Here are a few to look at. Keep in mind some can fit in multiple catagories. (THIS PAGE IS VERY MUCH IN PROGRESS)



Indian, embroidered

Silk gauze printed

Mon0-tone border plaid

Border-stripe mono-tone


Earlier, long/scarf shawl

 1840, British, silk

British, Silk, plaid and damask


Paisley Family

ca 1870 (I say earlier) Scottish

mid-1800s Scottish

Paisley, Scottish 1830-50s

Scottish, mid-century, smaller motifs

1856, Scottish, Very unusual shape

ca. 1855 French

All over motif, 1850s possibly printed

1851 French, interesting design

1850s French

French, Zebra stripes

French and Indian

Double square, look at the center

First half of century, Turn-over shawl

Long shawl, Indian

Double square, Indian

Blue center

Border on white, Indian

Fold over

Kashmire, square

1840, India, could be mimiced


Mid-century Indian


British, mid-century

Great Stripe, Paisley Scotland


ca 1866, bordered shawl, could be mimiced at home

British, ca 1850 all-over motif, could be printed

ca 60-65, double square, British

Listed as a mourning shawl, British, 40-50s

Love this one

1840s, Russian, Could be made at home by adding borders to red center

1860-70 paisley family

Listed at 1820. Yellow center with paisley type border. Could be recreated.

Paisley family

1853, stripe, weaver known




Silk – Embroirdered, etc

White silk crepe, embroidered floral



1859 British, duo-tone

1830 borders

 Technically in the Paisley family, Norwich, England

 Paisley family, possibly French

Printed silk crepe

French printed wool

American printed wool

French or Italian printed on cotton

French or Italian printed on cotton, size suggests a scarf shawl


Black, American, Triangle, cotton

French, triangle cotton

lace, mid-century

British, 40s

French, cotton

1860s French


Silk net and embroidery

Linen net and embroidery

Machine made lace


This might be printed, British

Later century printed

French printed wool

French printed


Norwich, double-square boteh motif

Scottish, printed wool

c1850 printed small motif & border

c1840 printed paisley design





French stripes

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