Sewing Cases, Needle-books and Housewives

To learn how to make your own sewing case or housewife based on original sewing cases, please see  my new book, Fanciful Utility: Victorian Sewing Cases and Needle-books.


To accompany Fanciful Utility, you will find free templates for additional sewing accessories posted on my blog through the year. Please check out each of these templates as well as those available on the Sewing Academy blog.

Boot Template Keep Ornament shell temp

New Thumbnails scissors case

I am happy to offer sewing cases and needle-books for sale. Please check my Etsy Shop for what is available. I will also custom make sewing cases. (Check out Barbara’s sewing case.)

Original sewing cases closed. At the top is the structured sewing case also shown open. At the bottom is a rolled case with a 4” wide ribbon on the outside, silk on the inside and held closed with the calico button.

Rolled case shown open. The exterior is a 4″ wide ribbon. The inside is a small print wool with a silk pocket. The needle-pages are missing.

Original fold-over sewing case with a central covered pasteboard box, multi-colored needle pages, and silk pocket. The exterior is a black leather bound with wool tape.

Fold-over style sewing case based on the original sewing case above. This one has a cotton interior and mono-chromatic pages.

Rolled cases in the style of many original cases. These two cases are made of cotton inside and out with wool pages and MOP buttons.

Additional Rolled Cases:

This case is made with a lovely fall toned striped silk on the exterior and a coppery shot silk on the interior. The spacious pocket is a white and golden yellow plaid silk. The two off white wool needle-pages are vine stitched with dark green on the first and golden yellow on the second. The viney stitch is continued on the ends of the cotton batted roll. The case is held closed with a tiny mother of pearl button and loop. This case is entirely hand-sewn and based on an original formerly in my collection and featured in the up-coming  Fanciful Utility. This case took approx. 5 hours to hand-sew.

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