New Quilted Hood

Bear has been kind enough to help model the sunset shot silk quilted hood I’ve been working on.

This hood is inspired by this green quilted hood at the MFA. I liked the simple shape of the hood from the start. The more I worked on this hood, the more I really liked it. It has two layers of cotton batting inside giving it a soft loft about a half inch thick. The interior is cotton. I had expected to see the interiors of extant hoods being silk, but it turns out the vast majority of those I looked at are cotton. The crown and tip of the bonnet are handquilted in a free-hand design.  The bavolet/curtain is also quilted.  The brim is wired to help hold the shape. I don’t think this was necessary since with the batting and quilting the hood kept a lovely shape even before the wire.

I’ll be making up several more hoods which will be available for purchase. These will be machine quilted with stripes or diamonds and batted with either cotton or wool batting. Some will have wired brims while others will not. The silks for these hoods include those pictured below – (L to R) a purple/black shot silk corded every half inch, a blue on blue stripe, a dark, dark chocolate brown, a black, a silver gray, a cream with tiny pintucks, and more of the sunset shot silk.

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