Coming Soon!

My newly updated, likely long overdue, Straw Bonnet Workbook is in the proofreading & final edits process. My hope is to have it up in Etsy and available this weekend, sooner if I get a burst of energy or can’t sleep again. The next step is splitting the file into two pdfs that fit Etsy’s size parameters and writing the listing. I am very excited to have this project come together quickly. If you look over on the right side of this page (or bottom on mobile devices) you will see the contents has been updated in anticipation of not only this workbook but a couple other publications as well.

Changes on Patreon

I made an update to two of my Patreon tiers. The Straw Sewer and Milliner levels will now receive some of my e-publications as part of their support level. This will include a the coming Straw Bonnet Workbook as well as other future, and possibly past, e-books and e-patterns.

New Groups Kits Coming Soonish

The great Spring Purge looms. Actually, it is much delayed as it should have been done last week. When I tackle the disarray that is the millinery room, I decided to assemble some project kits with small groups in mind. I have precut materials for Fanciful Utility style sewing case workshops. I plan to put them together in sets, likely 6 or/and 8 or/and 10, for people to do in groups. This may end up happening this summer.

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