Etsy Situation

I just learned about the situation with Etsy and the bank collapse on Friday. I am a bit delayed in finding out because I was pretty frazzled about driving home in the snow storm last night, given that it was the anniversary of my truck accident, rolling it three times.

While the concept of “Bank collapse ” is very scary, I have decided I am not going to panic or even get overly worried. It is the weekend, when any sales from after 11pm Thursday don’t get sent until Monday evening anyway. This gives Etsy the weekend to get their financial ducks in order and make an official statement to all of their sellers.

I do not have any finished millinery at the moment to add anyway. I have one high brim 1860s bonnet on the block. I just started a tbd hat about an hour ago.

I do have an idea in mind if there appears to be a lengthier delay in sales deposits for sellers. If this is the case, I will move some e-publications to another platform this coming week. This may be Patreon or something else like Ko-fi 🤔

Please keep in mind situations like this can be very stressful for sellers. Many artists and craftspeople make a substantial portion of their income, their livelihoods, through Etsy. This is how they pay their bills, support themselves and their families. Consider how you may be able to help them if this does last beyond the weekend.

While we wait and see, here is a short video I recorded this morning, part of what I am now calling Straw Musings:

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  1. Your approach makes sense. So sorry this is happening though

  2. Evidently there’s a bailout in progress, although we are not supposed to call it that. I went through this worry when Washington Mutual, which held my savings and mortgage, went bellyup in 2008, but within 24 hours both were seamlessly transferred to another (and larger) bank. I hope that all goes well with Etsy! Worry is such a stressful–and useless–activity! You are wise to wait and see,

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