Spring Planning

As my steps are covered in ice and snow, my mind is looking ahead to sunshine and flowers.

Too cheesy?

I couldn’t help it. I do have an abundance of thinking ahead happening: events, presentations, waredrobe, budgeting.

Three out of four 😊

Events & Presentations

I am excited to add a couple presentations in new venues this coming year. They are in the planning stages with details and official announcements coming soon.

  • May – Working with Workboxes. (13th) A look at sewing workboxes, cases, and rolls, during GCVM’s Antique Show and Sale. Roles of a Millinery Assistant. (20th & 21st) A look at eomen’s employments in the mid-nineteenth century during GCVM’s Civil War Living History event.
  • June – Likely just attending and preparing for events due to demanding work schedule.
  • July – Independence Day. I have something in mind. I may do something for Chocolate Weekend. Tbd.
  • August – The Making of Straw Millinery. (12th) Details forthcoming. I need to add another interpretation or presentation to this month.
  • September – This month tends to go all a muddle with school starting back up. I will be getting pieces ready for the Agricultural Society Fair at the end of the month.
  • October – TBD title on Winter Hoods. Details forthcoming.
  • November – Preparing for Winter at GCVM.
  • December – Holiday Open House at GCVM. I currently plan to create a menagerie of handmade gift items this year. Yes, a whole collection of animals.


  • Last year, I decided I really need to get going on a Reform Dress. I am eyeing a turquoise tropical weight wool I have. I think, if I pair it with some brown or black, I will have enough for the ensemble. If I can get it done, I would like to wear it for Independence Day. One of my reservations is the color. I am hesitant to try to wear it.
  • The temptation of an 1870s ensemble is getting stronger. Marna keeps showing me these delightful dresses. This waredrobe expansion will require everything from the skin out. This will all need to come from the stash though.

Turns out, as I write this post, I find I needed to write a planning post because I feel like my planning is rather….. light? … sketch?…. framework-y?


We are going to hit pause on the writing and “publish” this post before the snow and ice melts (and I go back to school/work tomorrow and lose track of time again.) I will come back and do an updated schedule post soon.

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