New Millinery!

I just listed the very first hat completed for 2023. With the busy work week, I stuck to a style my hands know well: the fashionable tapered crown of the early 1860s. I made this one a little larger since the pieces currently in the shop are smaller. It is a 22″ crown with and 12.5″ brim. So, if you’ve been waiting for a little larger hat, here you are.

I have three hats available from 2022. On the left is a child’s country hat with a domed brim. In the center is a later Victorian hat with an inverted V brim. I am amazed this hat did not sell. On the right is a fashionable tapered crown in a smaller size with vining on the brim and crown.

I decided to add a reminder to each mid-century listing this year to read about measuring your head and how a mid-nineteenth century hat fits. I hope this will help people select hats that fit and remind people to measure before buying.

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