Holiday Shop “Officially” Open

I am super excited to introduce my little straw basket ornaments. I love these little guys. Each is hand sewn from the same straw I use for millinery.  They are hand shaped as I make them. So, each one is unique. They are ornament size, under 3 inches. I put them in groups of three, with a mix of natural and color straw. They are ready for you to nest a little gift inside or decorate. 

All holiday items can be found in the Holiday Exclusives Section of my Etsy Shop.

Making these little baskets nudged me closer to another idea. I’ve pondered making straw basket pin cushions for a while. I made a very limited number to see how I like them. Turns out, I like them quite a lot. They are simple round baskets of straw plait with red velvet cushions tucked inside.

I decided to make two past favorites this season: the walnut shell pin cushions and the velvet strawberry pin cushions. My photo studio (aka second bathroom) is filled with pin cushions right now

All holiday items can be found in the Holiday Exclusives Section of my Etsy Shop.

I also brought back the cute nest pen wipers I made last year. I thought these were the most darling things. I also think they would look super cute tucked into tree boughs. (I am tempted to make more of the little straw nests for my tree or for friends.)

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  1. Love the ornaments, especially the basket pincushions. I hope they don’t sell out before I get paid. I want one!

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