Wrapping up October

Finishing October with a classic tapered crown, the most common hat of its era.

I finished this hat earlier this week. Then got hit with a migraine. I’m just now getting the photos taken. I don’t anticipate getting another hat made this weekend.

Sadly, this is the second month in a row I am significantly behind on my sales goals. It’s all a pickle. Because of rising bills and prices, I had to raise prices and increase sales goals. Also, because of rising prices people aren’t able to spend as much. šŸ˜”

A few hats are in the shop waiting for their homes. They are each 10% off. (Check out last week’s post to see how and why I am offering the discount. )

This weekend, I am hoping to get my mini baskets photographed and ready to post for November 1st. I really like how these have come out.

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