Good News in Straw!

I have good news!

You may have noticed I started offering my straw millinery pieces at a 10% discount after the first day recently. This is because I know money is tight for nearly everyone. Plus, it doesn’t help me or my budget to have hats & bonnet sitting around unsold. So. I came up with this approach, nervously.

Then something good happened.

But, first a little back story. I had been buying hanks of straw from a wonderful, reliable merchant for years. Hanks were generally $20-$22 plus shipping, with a couple exceptions. Then the pandemic, the shop changing hands, and inflation happened. This summer, hanks went from $20 & $22 to $44 each.


There were 😢 tears.

I had already raised prices for everything else that had been going up. I just couldn’t see raising them again.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A millinery artist I never met offered natural straw hanks for sale for a pre-inflation low price. I wasn’t sure as I have had very bad second hand straw experiences. I took a breath and anxiously ordered some straw. Actually, I opted to buy straw instead of groceries.

Luckily, the straw arrived and it is Beautiful!

This means…..

For a time, I will be able to offer hats and bonnets in natural straw for nearly pre-inflation prices comfortably!!!!

I am going to continue the second day 10% discount sale approach because that seems to be a way to make the numbers work in Etsy.

Thank you all for your continued support. I hope this helps.

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