Strawberries are Available

The strawberries are now available in my Etsy shop. 

I listed several trios including some assortments and some matches, and some individual berries. I couldn’t decide on pairs. I kept the pricing where it was 5 years ago. Note: the pairs and trios are for the combinations I list, not a la carte.

  • 1 strawberry for $25
  • A pair of strawberries for $45
  • A trio of strawberries for $60

Please forgive the photography. I forgot how difficult these were to photograph because they want to stand on the heads. Add to that, I found my new tablet is lacking essential features.

Guide to Strawberry Size

I had a lot of fun making strawberries of different sizes. I made four main sizes: a round fat strawberry,  a tall skinny strawberry,  a small wild strawberry,  and a large fat strawberry.  Each with different caps, most being size specific while the round fat strawberries have a variety of caps.

Left: This is the round, fat strawberry.  These are between 1.5 and 2 inches tall.
Center: This is the tall, skinny straw. These are just under 2.5 inches tall.
Right: This is the small, wild strawberry.  These are the smallest wool filled strawberries being about 2 inches tall.
This shows the largest strawberry in front with the round, fat strawberry (above right) and tall, skinny strawberry (above left). I only made 2 of these.

Go Pick Strawberries

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