Step forward

Step back

Step this way

Step that

If only we could happily dance our ways through this inflation. If only.

Just two hours ago, I posted about a summer sale with a coupon code taking 10% off millinery and pockets for the whole of my summer recess. This sale would allow people to buy at just above the prices I had two years ago. I was hoping this would help sales pick up so I could feel a little less scared about paying my bills.

Then, I went to order more straw.

I was shocked to see the price increase. 😳

Hanks of wheat straw went up 76% from the last time I ordered, last month.


I double checked other vendors. One is on vacation until September. One doesn’t offer wheat straw. The rest are in England.

I need to make some decisions.

My millinery business has become a substantial part of my income. A full third. With rent going up and needing a new car soon, and the general increase in costs, I am scared.


I have a stash of straws. Some are earmarked for particular pieces. I may have enough after that to sew through two-thirds of the summer.


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  1. Dear Anna,

    I have 2 hats you made, and they are lovely—treasured parts of my 1860’s wardrobe. Nearly every time you post something new in the shop, I am tempted to buy it, but I hold back because I’ve been going to fewer events to wear the fine items I already have. You seem to have a loyal following, so I do hope you find a way to continue making and selling beautiful straw hats and bonnets. Best wishes to you.

    Norma Calhoun

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