Sad Question

I am sad to say, I need to ask a tough question. Bonnets and hats have been sitting in the shop much longer than they have in the past. At the new year, I adjusted prices to reflect the increase cost of materials and overhead of the past three years. I know money is tighter for many people. I understand that. I myself need to make a minimum number of sales to make an income goal each month. With this in mind, I need to reflect on the slow in sales.

Are you, or those you know, not buying because….

○ The pieces cost too much

○ Others are selling pieces for less

They aren’t the pieces you need

○ You don’t like the pieces

○ You have enough millinery

You aren’t seeing new pieces

Please know, it takes me about 10 hours to hand sew, wire, and block most pieces. I can do it a little faster if I push myself by sewing straight through.

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  1. Your work is beautiful, but I have what I need – from your shop! Wish I did need a bonnet or hat (c1850) and I’d buy one!

  2. Love your bonnets and hats Anna, but I just don’t need any beyond what I already have from your shop. Wish I did and I’d get one!!

  3. Thank you

  4. Thank you

  5. Thank you

  6. For me, it’s that I already have bought too many pieces, more than I even have a chance to wear. I have to restrain myself every time you come out with a new piece not to buy it!Cathy 

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  7. You have quite the collection. I appreciate it.m

  8. I have enough millinery for now. We have also gone to less events, mostly balls right now. I do wear the pumpkin bonnet in fall/winter but not the croquet hat as much.

  9. Honestly, I have enough. As beautiful as your hats are, I just wouldn’t wear one. &, I’m beyond broke at this point. 😦

  10. I loved that decorated hat when it was first posted yesterday, but I thought it was already sold. I like the hats which you decorate rather than buying a :blank to decorate myself. I was delighted to see today that I could “Buy it now” today.

  11. In my case, I make sunbonnets for myself and my daughter (for female living history impressions), have kepis for my husband and myself (for when we need another “man” on the cannon), but my need is a civilian boy’s straw hat for sun weamy growing like a weed 9 year old…Totally not your niche.

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