The Guilt of the Cabbage Patch

It is time to part with the cabbage patch.

Some time mid lockdown I decided to start a cabbage patch. I thought it was the responsible thing to do; the environmentally friendly thing to do.

I started saving every little trimming, cut, and snippet of fabric I produced. Now, when I say “every” and “little”, I need you to understand I already was saving small cuts of fabric because, as I make Victorian style sewing cases and pin cushions, I use small pieces of fabric. With this initiative, into the bag went everything.

Prompted by costuming YouTube videos, I figured I would make a bum pad to fill with the cuttings.

The bag filled. Another bag fill. Cotton. Wool. Silk. Linen. Fill. Fill. Fill.

I made the pad. Linen with segmented areas to fill with cabbage. I cut the cabbage to tiny bits, 1cm square at biggest.

Then, I started stuffing.

One segment in, I knew this was a bad idea. Filled to the density I wanted, the one segment was pushing a pound. There were 5 more segments to go.

This was not the right use of cabbage.

Then, I decided I would make a pressing ham. A pressing ham needs density and weight.

That was many months ago.

I have not made a ham. I actually already have two hams I only occasionally use.

The cabbage bags have to go.

I put the two over flowing cabbage bags into a kitchen size garbage bag. It nearly fills it.

As it waits by the door, I feel guilt over the waste. This is what 3 years of cuttings looks like.

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