February Reflections

As I write this, I am working on the 12th bonnet of the month with one more to finish before the end of the month. That will put me only one bonnet behind where I wanted to be at the end of February. This is pretty good considering everything.

In previous years my goal was to make 50 pieces in a year, or one bonnet or hat a week with two weeks off. That number has increased greatly as I’ve needed to make ends meet. This year’s goal needs to be 130 bonnets or hats. But, back to February.

This month I wanted to focus on Fancy and the Fifties with a bit of pink for Valentine’s Day. Here are some of the pieces I made:

I also got a bit distracted by doll millinery.

I bought myself a dress length of wool challis. I am really looking forward to this dress.

I can’t recall if I did much else this month.

March??? What begins with M? Mousquetaire. Miniature. Momentum.

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