Child’s or Smaller Bonnet

This week’s bonnet is a smaller Civil War era style suitable for a child or woman with a smaller head. It has a low rise from the crown to the brim.

When I sew while tired, bonnets tend to be smaller. This was definitely true with this week’s bonnet. I started it last Sunday, picking it up for very brief attempts to sew all week. I didn’t finish it until this morning, again Sunday.

Along with being tired while sewing, this hank of straw turned out to be very varied. The width changed from wide to narrow, to very narrow in some areas. There were even sections I had to take out because they were too varied or even wiggly. This bonnet has wider plait in the back and narrower plait in the front.

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  1. Do you make childrens bonnets regularly? I would love to purchase one if you do.

  2. Just occasionally. I can add one to my list to do.

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