New Shop Section

On this second day of the year, I am announcing a new section for my Etsy shop.


I love making pockets. Plain pockets. Quilted pockets. Patchwork pockets. Embroidered pockets. But, I simply can not keep them all. By offering pockets in the shop, I can enjoy making them without being overrun by them.

To start off the shop section, I’ve assembled 5 plain pockets made from Family Heirloom Weavers Fabrics. They are lined with either linen or cotton.. Three are entirely hand-sewn, while two combine hand and machine sewing. The perimeter is double sewn, encasing the raw edge inside. The opening is also double sewn, reinforced with a buttonhole stitch and button loop at the bottom. I chose simple tape ties for ease of wear.

Pockets are a historically accurate way for holding necessary items during most of the 18th and 19th centuries. Worn under the skirt and accessed through a slit, pockets free the hands from carrying a bag or basket.

A pocket can become an interpretative source, carrying pieces of material culture to share with visitors. These items can become educational prompts, helping visitors connect with history.

A pocket can also secure essential modern items safety under the skirts and petticoat. Medications, keys, and even a phone can be kept without out of sight. They are no longer at risk of spilling out of a basket or bag.

Interested in learning more about pockets? Check out the book The Pocket: A Hidden History of Women’s Lives.

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