Looking at Cheektabs

This video was on my holiday recess to-do list. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep or enjoy my last day off without doing the video tonight.

My hope is this video helps give a better understanding of cheektabs – what they look like on original bonnets, how they should look on reproduction bonnets, and how they should frame the face.

I also just had a great question about how a straw bonnet stays on the head. I talk a little bit about how the cheektabs, ribbon, and inner brim decorations work together in tonight’s video. I plan to do a video that looks further at this. In the meantime, here is information on how a bonnet stay works and helps a bonnet stay on:

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  1. Thank you SO much for the cheek tab & stay/crosstie talk! That explains So much!

  2. The style spans from the mid 50s into the 60s. Here is a two part post covering them:

  3. Thank you, and a Happy New Year to you and Clara.
    Just for curiousity, what are the approximate high-fashion and/or general-use dates of the Marie Stewart bonnet type?

  4. Thank you so much! The articles were informative, and the illustrations were delightful. I especially liked the bonnet from the Met, be it an actual example or a squashed survivor.
    Hoping for a good rest-of the school year.

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