Princess Capote Directions!

Announcing a Collaborative project with Jamie Quick.

The Princess Capote has caught the eyes of costumers and historians for year from the pages of Peterson’s Magazine and Der Bazar. The article said this pretty hood draped about the head would easily be made from a square of silk and wool. What fun! Except, the author’s diagram doesn’t’ quite come together right, leaving the sewer frustrated, upset, and often discouraged.

To our delight, Jamie Quick took on the Princess Capote and figured out the math for us!

Jamie asked me to create directions to accompany her math. The result is this easy to follow, step-by-step downloadable 19 page PDF for making your own Princess Capote Hood.

The booklet also includes directions for making a doll scale Princess Capote Hood, suitable for an 18 to 20 inch porcelain doll.

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