Holiday Shop: Filled Pockets

I am very excited to announce Filled Pockets in my Holiday Shop!

Each pocket is filled with items typically found in a nineteenth century pocket. The items were carefully selected for their period appropriateness. Some of the items are handmade by me. The items are wrapped in tissue to be unwrapped one by one. (I did have to use a little tape.) I am not posting the contents because I know some followers are considering buying for themselves. If you are giving a pocket as a gift and need to know the items, message me please.

The pockets themselves are made of period correct cotton with a cotton lining. The circumference is double sewn with a machine stitch hidden on the inside and a hand top stitch on the outside. The opening slit is deep enough for easy access, with the bottom of the slit reinforced with a button stitch. The twill tape ties are cut to 60 inches, which may be trimmed as desired. If you prefer longer ties, please let me know.

There is a limited selection! I am only offering 6 of these filled pockets as I only purchased and made 6 sets of items. (If, a big if, there is a popular demand, I will consider another variation such as pockets filled with other items or something else filled with items.)

The 6 pockets to choose from: (l to r) Green, red, blue/white stripes(SOLD), blue (SOLD), pink/cream(SOLD), brown.

A little background on the inspiration:

Early in the summer, the localized want of pockets caught my attention. The “Pocket Fairy” made up some simple pockets for those in want. Then came a satisfying level of interest in pockets by museum visitors. Actually, they were such a hit, this sparked the idea of offering pockets in my shop. Then, I realized filling the pockets would make an extra special gifting option.

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  1. How much are the filled pockets?

  2. Each of the filled pockets are $100 through my Etsy Shop.

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