Looking Ahead to the Holiday Season

I feel like I am inundating you with posts recently. I am on a roll. So, we are going with it. As the weather has shifted here in New York, I am shifting my attention to the coming Holiday Season. That makes this the annual:

Holiday Season Post!

I am super excited to tell you about one of the gift items I will be offering in the shop this year: Gift Filled Pockets!

Last June, the Pocket Fairy got busy making pockets after hearing pockets were in want by some. In the midst of this, the idea a pockets filled with gifty goodies struck. After tossing this idea around during the summer, I’ve had so much fun deciding what to put in these pockets. So Much Fun.

Each pocket will be filled with little gifty goodies. I am not going to tell you exactly what in the listing just in case you are purchasing to gift yourself. The items will be pocket appropriate items for the first half of the nineteenth century (okay through the 1860s.)

I will be making a few select millinery items for the season. These will include straw hats, straw bonnets, and
winter hoods.

I have a super fun Pen-Wiper in the works. It is a playful idea that will let me use the pinking machines. There will only be a few of these. You don’t get to see these quite yet as a component is coming.

People are asking for Sewing Accessories. So, I will make a few special sewing accessories. I have yet to decide what.

This year’s ornaments will include some Whimsy Witch Hats for the tree and possibly something more cat focused. The straw ornaments I was planning seem to have dissolved. I do have another straw related idea churning.

Holiday Shipping Reminder:

With expected delays in shipping, the last day I will ship for Christmas will be the morning of Saturday, December 11th. This will be orders through the night before: Friday, December 10th. I highly recommend making your purchases earlier. I will be working hard to make fun and accurate gifts available throughout November.

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