This Weekend’s Millinery

In the last hours of my 4X year, I took a next step in my millinery adventure. I finished a hat with straw embellishments I made myself. I had the idea for the hat all week, trying to get the shape just right to suit the illustration. I was undecided on the anchor replacement until yesterday. It wasn’t until I had the leaves in hand with the hat, that I realized the timing. *smiles*

This trio of straw leaves, two in split straw and one in petite plait, finishes this sweet hat inspired by a “Sailor Hat” in Madame Demorest’s Mirrors of Fashion. My hat keeps the rounded dome crown, flat narrow brim, and blue silk ribbon with long tails at the side. In place of the straw anchor, are my straw leaves. If I ever learn to make a straw anchor, it will go to my sister.

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