A Milliner’s Whimsy

Call it a Milliner’s Whimsy or a milliner’s prerogative…..
I came home and changed up the trimming on this sweet hat.

This narrow brim hat is petite, but not small. The way the crown transitions into the brim makes this hat suitable for an average size head despite the smaller measurements. It is actually too big for my head. Saddness.
I admit, I wasn’t sure about this shape when the block arrived. It was super cute, but I just wasn’t sure how it would play out in straw. Now that I made this one, I have several ideas on how to decorate it and play with the curves.  I need to know what you think though: Like it? Love it? Not so sure? Just no? Let me know what you think.

Petite hats from the MET: TL C.I.57.211 Promenade hat ca 1865-1870 wool and silk. TR 2009.3001.1799 Summer hat dated 1872, straw, silk. BR C.I.46.80.4 Hat ca 1860 straw. BL C.I.50.3.3 Hat ca 1968-1870 wool.

This cdv over at Ephemeral Chaos has a darling petite hat with a round crown and narrow brim, trimmed with flowers and a narrow band of ribbon or cord.

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