Having missed a couple Whimsy Wednesday videos, I thought I should give you an update.

Caught a germ in mid-December. My doctor said it was a virus and my symptoms were Covid indicative. Yet, both of my tests came back negative. So, who knows what this nastly little germ was. I will have the antibodies test when I can to see if that gives me answers. I really feel I need answers.

I am writing of the experience in the past tense because I am tired of feeling sick. Plus, I’ve reached the point where I just feel occasionally fatigued, randomly congested as I often do this time of year, and get a bit winded when I talk a bunch. So, improving and wanting to move forward.

I am being careful and not picking activity up too quickly. I need to be able to get soundly back to working full time and running a small business full time. Baby steps back to those 70 to 80 hour weeks.

This brings me to saying Thank You.

Thank you to everyone who have made a purchase during my now extended New Year sale. Initially, this was just supposed to be a fun little sale. It was meant to give people something to do while celebrating the holidays was a little different this year, and give me time to finish up the wadded hood pattern. It turned into a steady stream of income while I haven’t been able to write or sew. You’ve allowed me to be less stressed while being sick, and comfortable buying groceries and paying my electric & gas bills, which I paid today.

I am incredibly grateful.

There were times I was sleeping or napping and my tablet would make the old cash register “cha-ching” for the Etsy app and I would say “Thank you,” too tired to roll over to check the screen. One night, around midnight, my tablet kept “cha-ching”ing and my eyes watered in amazement.

My hope is to be able to comfortably return to school/work Monday and do bits and pieces of the new pattern to get that done soon, soonish.

Now, let’s see if I have a cute Clara photo for you….

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