Bring Cheer Sale

It is no secret I’ve been pretty down lately. Each week, I hear of more friends and clients who have loved ones ill or who have passed. I have dear friends who are struggling with medical hardships and wake to sorrowful messages. Add to this the stress of school reopening here.

I need some cheer. Not knowing what else to offer at the moment, I am having a GOOD CHEER sale.

All of the electronic publications in my Etsy shop are 20%, now through the 8th of September.

I thought it would cheer me to see little orange Etsy icons pop up at the top if my screen.

I also thought this may help people who are in need of little projects for themselves or for future gifts.

I am also planning to start up videos again. I’m just deciding how I want those to look. I know most of you prefer the pre-recorded YouTube format so you can watch when you want. This does open the possibility of better edited videos if I reopen my WeVideo account. More on that soonish.

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