Doll Hats and Bonnets

Yesterday, I decided to make a couple doll pieces. These little pieces make good use of straw, which is at a premium right now.

It continues to surprise me how long it takes to make a doll hat. At the start, each time, I think I can sew one quickly in an hour or so. Hours later, I find that simply is not the case. I started these around 1 after posting yesterday’s hat, and finished while watching GCVM’s first evening Zoom program.

I find sizing doll pieces difficult. With porcelian dolls, the solid shape of their hair often makes their heads odd shapes, not the oval human heads tend to be. Here is the first hat with two different dolls. One you may recognize. The other is Mary. Mary has an 11.5″ circumference head.

I decided to try to make the second piece with a horizontally oval crown to better reflect that aspect of a dolls head. I am pleased with the shape. I think it will nicely fit a doll with a 7.5″ to 8″ circumference head. I don’t have any that size.

I am deciding about whether to put these in the shop. They are cute and I like the way they turned out. They are just so difficult to size. (and price)

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  1. Love them. Just too cute.

  2. Anna, how did you access the GCVM zoom program

  3. First register on the GCVM site:
    Then they will send you the Zoom link to the program.

  4. Anna, tomorrow, are you go the GCVM zoom program

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