Hats in the shop!

The millinery shop is back up and running, isolation style!

I have a new printer, arrived and installed, along with a postal scale. This means I can ship from home for the duration of this crisis. A huge Thank You to everyone who coaxed me along in this.

I just added a beautiful assortment of straw millinery to the shop. This includes:

  • 2 tapered crown CW era hats
  • A petite brim tapered crown for CW era or later
  • A Chapeaux Cloche, the fashionable recreational hat for the CW era
  • A bustle era higher crown Victorian hat with an inverted V brim
  • A Regency era bonnet (reserved)

I will be shipping from home once a week to not stress my postal people. I do miss them. So, I will go back to in person shiping when this is over.

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