June Reflections

June has long been a challenging month for me as I try to balance the end of the school year and the start of the summer millinery season. This June has proved to be just like many others, yet so very different. At school, I had an increase and shift in responsibilities. While I had moments of nervousness during the preparation weeks, I found exams themselves were less stressing. Don’t get me wrong, each night for about two weeks I crawled home with next to no energy left.

With June coming to an end, so is this school year. As most of you know, this has been a difficult year as I continue to adjust to changes in my life. I have so many thoughts on this year. But, I don’t want weigh down this blog post.

On to the more upbeat stuff…..


This month I started working with the dyed straw! So far, I made a few piece of the stunning silvery-grey, a deep walnut brown, and a bonnet in the beautiful foresty green. In case you missed it, be sure to catch my Ramblings on Color.

I finished up a trio of Regency era pieces that were part of my Cottage Industry Straw Sewing Demonstrations. Btw, the third Regency Bonnet is now available in my Etsy Shop.

I made it to the NYS Pottery Festival earlier in the month. I went in search of a small, period appropriate pie plate. I came home with an adorable, modern cat mug that fits in my hands perfectly.

I escaped to the nineteenth century for the GCVM’s War of 1812 and Jane Austen Event. It was a much needed and much welcomed escape in the midst of modern exhaustion. The weather was absolutely lovely too.

Coming in July….

I have one of the history fullest months I’ve had in a while ahead. I scheduled 5 events for July:

  • Independence Day (Period picnic and festivities)
  • Inventors/Inventions Week (Pinking Machine Demo)
  • Chocolate Weekend (Surprise)
  • GCVM’s Civil War Event
  • West Sparta’s Old Fashioned Days
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