Grey Straw Bonnet

I am so excited to offer this grey straw bonnet. It will be the first in a series of color straw millinery. This dyed straw plait is some of the loveliest I’ve worked with; the straw is fine, even, supple, and well braided. It has been a delight to work with. As with all my pieces, this bonnet is entirely hand sewn and it is blocked on an original millinery block.

You will notice the crayons and spool of thread in each photo. These are because I’ve discovered the beautiful silvery grey of this straw shows up taupe or tan on some screens. While this does have the undertones of the natural straw it is made from, this bonnet is a beautiful light grey in the sunlight.

Here are some of the images I have been fiddling with to give you the best understanding of the color:

The thread is a color match to the straw. It is what I used to sew it.

This is a page from Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours:

Here is the bonnet with the lighting in my tablet camera turned up.

Here is the bonnet with levels adjusted after the photo was taken.

The Englishwomans Domestic Magazine, 1860

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  1. Lovely! Looks very soft, almost glows!

  2. So pretty!

  3. Very Nice. The color is looking more gray in these pictures.

  4. This is SO lovely! I can’t wait to see more of your colors.


  5. Yes, would love to see more colors!

  6. Anna, it’s absolutely lovely!! And fits perfectly. I love how it fits❤️

  7. I am happy to hear that. See why I love the color?

  8. Yes! Such a luscious color! Now to decide on decorations!! Thank you for your wonderful work ❤️

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