Today’s Millinery

I am trying really hard not to call this a small hat for a larger head. But, I don’t know how else explain it. I wanted to make a fun style for those with larger than average heads. This hat has a fun, petite up turned brim.

This crown will fit an average to larger head. I highly recommend lining it though. This crown is 21.5″ around. The hat is o.5 inches across, 9.5 inches front to back, rising barely 3 inches tall. This hat is not wired. I Highly recommend lining it for comfort and fit. Yup, I said that twice.

I had thought about trimming this. But, my to-do list is too long. I imagine a couple options: a) lining it with a pretty colored silk, in gathers coming up around the curved up brim showing that color, and tiny, soft white flowers nested in the brim curve…. b) lining the inside and brim with white and filling the brim curve with loosely laid ribbons in two or three colors…. c) lining the inside in a neutral silk, edging the brim in a deep brown or maroon, criss crossing the crown with narrow velvet ribbons of the same.

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