What is in the Holiday Shop?

Are you looking for the perfect historically accurate or fun, historically inspired gift?

My Holiday Shop, inside my Etsy shop, is now open. In my Holiday Shop you will find historically accurate and historically inspired items ideal for gift giving. Don’t worry, it is okay to buy for yourself as well.

Here is a look at what you can find. I will be adding items as I finish them. I will try to mark what is sold out as that happens.

Work-Pockets Filled with Sewing or Hair Essentials.

These work-pockets make a grear stocking stuffer gift as they are, or you can add your own gift. They happen to be just the right size for gift cards.

Whimsical Heart Pin Keeps

This whimsical heart pin keep was inspired by an original piece in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s collection. When I saw the shape, I was just swept away. It is so beautiful.

The velvet keep holds a couple dozen pins suitable for dressing.

I will have ornaments in this shape as well.

Oval Silk Pin Keeps

These simple oval pin keeps highlights the pretty silks covering them. Each holds a couple dozen pins suitable for dressing.

Velvet Scissors Holders

These were popular this past weekend, so I will beed to make more. These scissors holders come in two sizes. The outside is a cotton velvet, while the inside is silk. Each is beaded simply.


By request, I have a larger, practically shaped yet still pretty needle-book. These needle-books span 4 inches and have two wool pages cut on my pinking machine. Some are paired with a pin keep for easy selection.

Walnut Pin Cushions

I listened and made sure there would be a few walnut pin cushions.


Coming soon! This year I will be offering a fun, yet still historically accurate twist on the very popular strawberries.

Woven Ribbon Pin Cushions

I have a very limited number of woven ribbon pin cushions to offer. These are such pretty cushions. I know some people are putting them in their trees.


I may have gone a little over-board with the ornaments this year. I have 3 kinds for sale and a special one from Clara. You can find strawberry ornaments, whimsical beaded velvet hearts, and miniature straw hats in my shop.

My Etsy Shop

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  1. Very cute on all of it. Makes me realize I need to get busy too. On your strawberries, if you ever make on in green velvet, I want it! Same with the scissor case. Good luck with your sales.

  2. They are all so beautiful!!! You do such beautiful work. I must keep you in mind for some small gifts.


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