Adding New Millinery to My Etsy Shop

As the July hoarding of millinery has come to an end, I will be adding new millinery to my Etsy shop. This includes a Very Limited Selection of woven straw hats.

Lets start off with the hats. I decided to try my hands at woven straw. I already planned for this to be a limited selection. Well, to be perfectly honest, I do not like working with the woven straw. So, after I use the few woven straws I purchased, I will leave woven straw to the masters of woven straw, V.M. and P.R.. My very limitex selection will includ a few Civil War era hats as well as a couple Regency pieces and later Victorian pieces to come. Today, I have 4 Mousquetaire hats for you, 2 ivory, 1 white, 1 black. Each of these has a 21″ crown rising 4 1/2″, with a 2″ to 2 1/2″ wide brim. Eaxh is offered at an extra special price.

Next, I have 2 copper straw bonnets each with a different brim.

This copper straw plait bonnet was blocked on my original block, Serenity.

The sister bonnet is also copper, but with more of a flare to the brim. This bonnet was made while studying my newest bonnet block, Destiny.

I will be working on decorating the next couple few several days. I have a couple pieces to get to their owners. Then, I will be finishinf two soft crown bonnets: one in the popular green and one in a combination of walnut and black.

As I finish this post, I will be hopping over and typing in Etsy.

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