Mid July Update

Wow has July been a busy month. I know I have oodles to say. I am just not sure I will remember it all.

Since my June update, I discovered my physical limits with some work stuff. I rewarded myself with a much needed massage, which is now officially a regular scheduled thing. Happier hands. Happier belly. Happier me.

My summer kicked off with the War of 1812 event at the museum. The photos from the weekend are a bit wonky because I had just (finally) picked out a new phone and tablet. Exhibit A to the right. It amazes me just how much of a hem difference I get as my abdomen swells like it can. This is with my short stays. Luckily, others took so e nice photos. Thanks Deanna.

I did get to make a feline friend. She was certain to make a thorough inspection during her morning rounds.

Getting ready for GCVM’S CW

The last couple of weeks has been all about GCVM Civil War event prep. I plan to have a nice assortment of styles and colors to display this year. This is part of what I made so far. There are others that will be part of a special announcement. I also have a couple other ideas for this year’s event I am hoping to pull off. Okay, I am cutting it close.


Staying on millinery, I would like to talk about blocks. When I first started working with straw, each shape was entirely by sight, from photo to hands. I used what I had on hand to get the shapes right. Mixing bowls were a go to. When I startex doing hats, I taught myself to carve foam blocks. This opened the curiosity door to hat blocks. Amazingly enough, wood lasts so much longer than foam. (sarcasm font) Then, I found Galaxy. That wooden bonnet block changed everything. Okay, well, what it really did was confirm to me that my shapes were there, my proportions were there…. and… it caused me to want more. Next, a dear set of angels transported Serenity and her companions across the country. This beautiful plaster block has been a dream to work with. Not long ago, little Merauder (sp?) told me there are more of these bonnet blocks to be found.

I found a lovely bonnet block recently along with a dream of a hat block. Well, I thought I did. There has been a good bit of disappointment in the attempted purchase of them. I won’t say much more until thay gets sorted out.

What I do want to say is, I am giving myself permission to get more blocks. Space is already tight. So, I will need to figure out safe storage. This will likely mean some fabric purging.

Products I love…. Aka: Let’s talk pomade

I have two hair products to tell you about. This first is Talbott’s Finest Hair Pomade. This is available from Talbott & Co. via Etsy. The easy to carry tin is filled with enough pomade to last easily a full season. Many more if you only do a few events. The lavender fragrance is nicely balanced, just enough without overwhelming. I actually think it saved me at my last event when I had quite the air pressure migraine coming on. Their pomade does a very nice job keeping my hair smooth and in place without being heavy or greasy. I did a multi-day experiment putting it in my hair for the laxt week of school work. It held well without getting gross. I actually found my hair felt softer and thicker in the days following.

Another hair product I want to share is this Queen Bee by Lush. While it isn’t marketed as a pomade, it essentially is. They sell as a hair smoother and moisturize. This is a bee’s wax and cocoa butter base with fragrance. Oh, does it smell good. It has a soft feel, which may just be the recent heat. The photo shows my hair down, one side with, one side with out. While I love it for everyday, I am going to be testing this out as a pomade as well.

Personal projects

After one decade old pair of drawers gave out during the 1812 event, I decided it was time to make new one. Three actually. I figure that can solidly replace dated and defunct drawers. I also happened upon a cotton that insists on being a tucked petticoat. I don’t know if I will have this done in time for the event since I have this crazy notion of hadpnd done tucks.the red striped plaid dress is on hold pending bodicd inspiration.

I think that is all. It is time for sleep.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out about my pomade! Hugs,

  2. I picked up some of the Queen Bee the last time I was at Lush. I was thinking pomade too. It’s in my rotation of daily use products and is great for my hair when the humidity is high.

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